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Locker Room for Growth is about planting seeds of inspiration. Interviews are with compelling and interesting people whose stories include:

Rags to riches, personal demons and challenges that were overcome; entertainment, music and sports celebrities; unique careers and aspects of humans. Host Debbie Elicksen has decades of experience in print and broadcast media and has been a web host for 11 years.

What They’re Saying

You were a great host and I appreciate your insightful questions. It was one of the best interviews I have had.

Robin Bartlett

The Walter interview (for Locker Room for Growth) is BEYOND BRILLIANT. FAR BEYOND. For starters; you are beautiful as interviewer and person; it’s all there. Terrific questions and arresting to me. You’ve done such a tremendous job; I couldn’t be more proud of you. I’m more than impressed.

Stan Fischer, The Hockey Maven.

Emmy-winning Broadcaster, Author of +100 Books, US Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee

This is by far the most raw and honest interview I’ve done. 

David Kitchen

Leadership Development, Edge Leadership Academy

I don’t think I have ever felt so at ease (and challenged) to talk about music, music therapy, and mental health! Thank you Debbie for the opportunity to share about my world – and my new book. YOU are fantastic. Your questions were so thought-provoking and carefully curated to my industry. 🙂 

Jennifer Buchanan.

Music Therapist

I was so nervous, I forgot to mention that some states do have reciprocity. Thank you for the opportunity, and for being such a thorough interviewer.

Diana Krach.

Your Highness Podcast

I admire your work and reputation as a podcast host with an uncommon knack for explaining complex concepts to everyday people. Your awesome methods of explaining behavior, tools, and strategies to help people become better and more effective in their lives are inspiring and beautiful. You are great at what you do, and the world could use more people like yourself. I have been in the self-help field form more than a decade and can tell you from my personal experience, we need more of this in our world!

Mike Oglesbee.

I am honored Debbie thank you so much for letting me share my story until the world the true reality of Saudi Arabia. 

Waheeh Lion.

I have learned that Debbie is no marshmallow and does not toss softball questions.

Tonya McKenzie.

CEO, Sand & Shores, Los Angeles County Commissioner

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