Angela Legh: Using Trauma As A Catalyst for Change

As a child, California-born Angela Legh knew tragedy, uncertainty, and messy emotions. She was six when her family home burned down, then after moving from place to place, her parents divorced. Four years ago, tragedy struck her again as family’s home was destroyed once again by the Tubbs Fire.

Like a phoenix rising through the ashes, Legh used these incidents as a catalyst for change and growth. She is a development coach and the author of a children’s fairy tale series: The Bella Santini Chronicles. These books were written to help guide pre-teens through the emotions she felt as a young girl. The text acts as a tool to help children process and work through feelings of abandonment, bullying, and a host of other situations. Given that NPR cites suicide is a leading cause of death for individuals aged 10 to 24, Legh is dedicated to saving children’s lives.