Arcana Studio’s Sean O’Reilly: Bringing Storyworlds To Life

When a Canadian schoolteacher launches a comic book company that morphs into an animation studio, magic happens.

Sean Patrick O’Reilly created Arcana Comics in 2004. Who knew that he would ultimately become Canada’s largest comic and graphic novel publisher and work with the likes of Stan Lee, Gene Simmons from KISS, Mark Hamill, Bill Paxton, and Christopher Plummer, to name a few? Well, anyone who ever met the man knew.

With 5,000+ characters and over 300 titles, Arcana Studio is the mini-studio that could, that became the ultimate creative machine that did. His animated and book titles include: Kade, The Clockwork Girl, Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, Pixies, and Pandas and Aliens.

How do you get 100+ animation studio employees together during a global pandemic and still make creative magic? How much bandwidth does an animation studio need? How do you sell a script when 150 people have turned you down? These and many other questions you might have about how making animated movies work are answered here.