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Interview with The Table Read

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When I picked your book up on Saturday morning, I had absolutely no intention of reading it cover to cover in one sitting. The telephone was ringing and e-mails were piling up. Still, I was so entranced with the player commentary that I could not put the book down. Next time I am at a hockey game, I will most certainly view every aspect of the game in a different light because of your book.

Richard from Montreal

About Inside the NHL Dream 

I loved this book. It’s a little peak inside a world most people never get to see. I particularly enjoyed the story about Shirley Fischler. The rest of the book was really interesting. I felt like I was sitting down in a nice cozy bar and listening to all of the athletes telling their stories.

Maureen McCormick

About My Locker Room Life

Positive Sports was highlighted as a “must read” at the Admissions Conference in Toronto in the Fall of 2003.