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The Show

Interview style:

The Actor’s Studio meets Rachel Maddow. Human-centric interviews. Background research to find the essence of the subject.


Zoom recorded interview. Lightly edited to take out redundancy, ums, and anything awkward, but keep its organic nature. Add intro and outro. Post on YouTube and share.


Repurpose into audio podcast, create three video clips, add to webshow page on website, create a Substack audio episode or Medium blog, screenshot shared with show link on Instagram, at end of each season, feature each guest in a book (free to download). An email is sent to the guest with all the links to each of the repurposed sites.

Audience and Reach:

Because the show has been repurposed on numerous platforms, it is difficult to measure the reach or audience. If you’re looking for Joe Rogan or The Hollywood Reporter numbers, this show may not be for you if that is what is important.

What you WILL get on this show is respect, honest journalism, a conversation, and something you will feel good about promoting. The show specifically looks for compelling stories and unique professions, but also takes great effort to maintain diversity among its guests.


Host Debbie Elicksen has decades of experience working in multimedia journalism, including copywriting, sports reporting, radio, and webcasts. She has interviewed and worked with numerous celebrities, including Hurricane Carter, The Doobies Brothers, Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, R2D2 creator Tony Dyson, and more. LR4G has featured high profile guests such as CFL coach/manager Jim Barker, NFL alumni Marques Ogden, Arcana Animation Studio CEO Sean O’Reilly, The Guard Whisperer Olin Simplis, and Black Oak TV founder Uzo Ometu. Author of 18 books, her sports books take a behind the scenes look, rather than a focus on linear aspects of the game.

Potential Guests for the Show

  • People who have overcome insurmountable odds
  • People who have a unique story to tell that will inspire or help others improve their own lives
  • People who feel comfortable in front of a camera to get up front and personal
  • People who found their voice when they were once voiceless (i.e. those who overcame domestic violence, child abuse, homelessness, etc.)
  • Pioneers in an industry where doors were previously closed
  • People from various cultures who encompass the above (it is important that the show has a mixed demographic via culture, gender, etc.) 

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