How to Use Digital Media to Drive Business to Virtual and Brick and Mortar Locations

This program will help your business learn how to:

  • Attract, engage, and convert preferred prospects into customers or promoters of your business.
  • Ensure the quality of your communication resonates with your preferred prospects and customers.  
  • Leverage technology to amplify your customer service.
  • Inspire others who are “well-positioned” digital contacts to promote your business.
  • Embrace technology, and the creative ways it can be customized, to showcase your products and service to your preferred contacts on different platforms.
There are three customized levels of training available:

Entry Level:

These participants include front desk, customer service, valet, floor, cashier staff, etc. Depending on the module, instruction will range from an hour to a half-day. It provides a general overview for staff members to learn the roles of communication, public relations, and marketing departments. This will provide them with support if they see an opportunity to create a unique and exceptional customer service moment.

Foundational Level:

Your front-line staff members, who are directly responsible for communications, public relations, and marketing as part of their daily tasks, will be better equipped. This will include best practices, case studies, and other tools and information that will help them excel at their positions.

Upper and Middle Management:

This instruction may be a half-day session so upper and middle management can understand the concepts of the training, how it works with each level of staff in sync, and how the entire organization benefits. The instruction process includes how to measure return on investment, what types of goals to set up, how to motivate teams to participate, and how to respond and/or protect the organization’s reputation should there be a negative event or a crisis.

Everyone in the organization will have the option to take the full and comprehensive training. For example, a manager may want to learn more so he or she can participate directly alongside their team in promoting the organization.

Follow Up:

Access to subsequent content:

  • Update and refresh material to ensure obsolete platforms and features are replaced with relevant platforms and features.
  • Interviews/podcasts/webcasts.
  • Q & A sessions.

Ongoing training sessions for new hires, personal development, and staff changes.