James Rosseau (Trig): Holy Culture Radio and Christian Hip-Hop


He’s genuine, dynamic, compassionate, and the man behind the 24-hour talk and Christian hip-hop music channel on SiriusXM.

James Rosseau, also known in hip-hop circles as Trig, is the CEO of Holy Culture Radio and founder of its parent company, the Corelink Solution.

With its programming focused on faith, art, vocation, and education, Holy Culture Radio hosts 13 unique shows that connect to popular culture, where people are driven by passion, purpose, healing, hope, and transformation. The diverse content on its shows includes urban gospel, underground gospel hip-hop, theological breakdowns of hip-hop and street culture, and old school sounds.

The Holy Culture brand vision is to promote Christian values and lifestyle through media. Rosseau’s book, Success on Your Own Terms, provides six ways to fire up your passion.