Jennifer Buchanan, Using Music to Heal the Masses

Imagine being able to improve your breathing, lower your blood pressure, improve your heart health, and relax muscle tension just by listening and singing along with your favorite tune.

Jennifer Buchanan was 14 years old when she discovered the healing powers of music. She witnessed it transform her hospitalized grandfather. Of course, there is also a science behind music therapy, too.

Buchanan has spent 30 years working with people of all ages, from individuals, non-profit organizations, corporations, to prisons. She has authored two books: Tune In and Wellness Incorporated. Today, her services are even more in demand as music is used to rebuild those disconnected from the pandemic.

She is the Executive Director (and past President) of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists. Her new book, Wellness, Well Played: The Power of a Playlist launches October 10, 2021 on World Mental Health Day.