Marques Ogden: It’s About How You Rise

Imagine being at the top of your game. You’ve been blessed with enough talent to enjoy the fruits of professional football and make it work for you in the business world. You are educated in finance and responsible with your money. Then one wrong move, and boom! It all disappears. All. Of. It.

Marques Ogden’s National Football League career as an offensive lineman stemmed for five years with four teams. His rookie salary set him up nicely for his future. He retired from the game, operated a successful construction company, then found himself bankrupt, foreclosed on, and spiraling into the abyss.

At rock bottom, Ogden took his life back, and used his story to inspire others into learning from his mistakes. Today, he is a successful business and leadership coach, cohost of the rising podcast, The Lev and Marques Show, alongside ESPN broadcaster, Leverett Ball.