Mike Oglesbee: Fight or Flight – How Fear Can Impact Our Mental Health


The National Institutes of Health estimates there are 12.5% American adults that experience a phobia.

Mike Oglesbee is a coach who helps people conquer their fear. We all have it: fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of speaking, fear of writing… Debilitating fear can cripple a person into depression and self-destruction.

Oglesbee’s Maximized Mind program comes with receipts. His system has empowered people to step into their fear, find their truth, and create a better quality of life. Besides coaching, he speaks and has appeared on ABC and several media programs, magazines, and publications.

His clients have said they are thankful beyond words, that he helped them gain clarity in every aspect of their business, helped them dramatically decrease their stress, and overcome the hurdles that were holding them back. Oglesbee is the author of two books and certified in the art of hypnotherapy.

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