Patrick Chester: Finding Light in the Darkest Days of a Gambling Addict

Imagine blowing through a million dollars, stealing double-digit funds from your wife’s retirement account, and facing criminal charges.

Patrick Chester had no idea he would turn full-on into a gambling addict when he bet and won $900 on that first college football game. Like that first taste of cocaine for a drug addict, Chester was hooked.

These are dark days for most sports gambling addicts. Since online sports betting has been legalized, and the ads assault every commercial break in a professional sports broadcast, it’s a constant reminder to the 1% of Americans and 0.6 % of Canadians who cannot stop betting on sports.

Chester hid his addiction for 15 years. He would finally seek the help he needed when he stole $9.50 from his five-year-old son. Today, Chester speaks on sports gambling and helps counsel others through this silent addiction. His client list includes the NFL Players Association, Rugby Players Association, English Football League, Major League Soccer, Chelsea FC, and the Professional Cricketers Association.