Rakshith Srinivasan: Using Science and High School Sports to Change the World


He’s in high school and he is changing the world. Rakshith Srinivasan is the founder of Unlimited Potential, which assists researchers and medical doctors to find cures and fosters innovation in prosthetics, bionics, orthopedics, and musculoskeletal research. Besides Srinivasan, the lifeblood behind Unlimited Potential is a collection of high school volunteers from across the Pacific Northwest.

Srinivasan is fundraising for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to help improve immunotherapy against cancer among the musculoskeletal system. He helps create STEM awareness inside his community, has published scientific research about muscle soreness and lateral ligament ankle injuries in basketball, and he has worked several medical internships.

But that’s not all. Srinivasan is a Washington Schools Student Athlete Ambassador and plays varsity basketball and district level track and field.