Savannah Hauk: Crossdressing, Enlightenment, and Truth

This isn’t a phenomenon or some recent trend. Crossdressing has been around since the beginning of time. Historically, women have cross-dressed as men to pass and gain economic independence and serve in wars in a patriarchal system. Crossdressing is everywhere: in Greek and Norse mythology, music, movies, cartoons. So why do some think it is it okay in pop culture fiction, but not with real life people?

We are going to look at the pursuit of truth and dispel the myths of crossdressing. Savannah Hauk is an advocate and speaker who supports crossdressing men, cis partners, and their families discover their true identity. Her presentations are about life balance and giving others the permission to celebrate both their masculinity and femininity. Hauk has penned the book: Living With Crossdressing: The New Normal and cohosts The Fox and the Phoenix Podcast.