John Morris

John Morris is a painter and mental health mentor who hails from Scotland and speaks about art, self-discovery, and growth.


Ruth Rathblott

For 25 years, she was able to keep her colleagues and bosses from seeing her limb difference. Today, she helps organizations change their mindset. She guides them to rebuild their organization and staff structures to be all inclusive.

Susan Slonim Servais for Kathe Mueller Slonim

Susan Slonim Servais’ grandfather Max Mueller, a Jew and former Third Reich official, saved his family but risked his own life by choosing to go to Dachau on a rescue mission. Her mother Kathe Mueller Slonim documented the story in her book Escape from Dachau.


Congressman Adam Smith

Congressman Adam Smith is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Washington’s 9th District who champions those with mental health through his latest book.


Geoff Hall

Geoff Hall is a director, screenwriter, and author from Bristol, UK. One of his working projects is a psychological drama feature film about human trafficking against organized crime.


James Rosseau

James “Trig” Rosseau is the man behind the 24-hour talk and Christian hip-hop music channel on SiriusXM, Holy Culture Radio.