Joy Harris

Joy Harris teaches high school and college athletes about the business side of sports and how they might access a career in the industry.

Megan Meyers

Megan Meyers started a successful business at age 18, spent two seasons on the Oakland Raiders’ cheer squad, went to the Pro Bowl, and teaches women to start an online business,

Kiran Kumar

Kiran Kumar helps women regain their power, stand tall, and redefine what it means to be a woman over 50.

Frances Fomai

Frances Fomai has broken cultural norms and barriers, owns a trucking dispatch company and female trucking clothing line.

Yusuf Nasir Ahmed

Yusuf Nasir Ahmed is a digital economist from Nigeria who specializes in digital disruption.

Matthew Reed

Matthew Reed’s military knowledge and experience is the equivalent of an espionage thriller in real life.

Margaret Mary O’Connor

Margaret Mary O’Connor has tried to make the Catholic Church accountable for its sins through her activism.

Kevin Cassidy

Kevin Cassidy is a former Hollywood stunt man turned Ninja Warrior who inspires youth to be their best self.

Amber LeMay

Amber LeMay is a drag queen whose show Amber Live! streams every Sunday.

Martin Keller

Martin Keller talks about his access to CIA UFO briefings, other evidence, a near-death struggle, his own UFO and paranormal experiences.

Savannah Hauk

Savannah Hauk is an advocate and speaker who supports crossdressing men, cis partners, and their families discover their true identity.

Mark Bello

Mark Bello was one of the attorneys who sued the Catholic Church for sexual abuse and wrote the book Betrayal of Faith.

Dawn Maria France

Dawn Maria France is a broadcasting veteran with the likes of BBC, Sky News, and some of Europe’s largest stations, and a children’s author.

Urmi Hossain

Urmi Hossain uses her financial expertise to teach girls and women about finance and give them the confidence they need about money.

Tahmina Watson

Tahmina Watson is an immigration attorney at Watson Immigration Law who has helped hundreds of families work and live in the United States.


Amanda Penny

Amanda Penny kickstarted her journalism career at age 17 when she started her podcast: Amanda’s World. From a tiny US town, she has managed to find high profile guests and become a local celebrity.

Jody Fisher

Jody Fisher is a former radio broadcast reporter, now PR professional who hosts the PR Podcast.

Tamika Sims

Tamika Sims’ story is the backdrop of her new book: Ink Pen Diva: The Truth Behind My Pen. She helps fellow entrepreneurs not feel alone. She is also a book coach who has helped over 200 people tell their stories worldwide.

DC Glenn

DC Glenn is an actor, writer, and voiceover artist but his is well know for being part of the legendary duo Tag Team, who wrote the song “Whoomp There It Is.” The duo were featured in the number one ad of 2021: Geico’s “Scoop! There It Is.”