Stephen Key: How to Turn Your Idea into a Patented Invention


Stephen Key is the cofounder of inventRight, LLC, a company that helps inventors from over 65 countries pursue their dreams of turning their idea into reality. He is also the cofounder of Inventors Group of America, whose members are a collection of leaders in inventing worldwide. He started a free high school program, called inventYES, which helps students learn to how to license their creations.

Key is well recognized as a leader in product licensing and intellectual property strategy. He’s published thousands of articles, has appeared in TIME, Fast Company, The New York Times, and more. He has five books, and the list goes on.

His receipts are many, but most importantly, he has over 20 patents in his name, dozens of concepts he has retailed in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney, plus some have been endorsed by Michael Jordan, Alex Trebek, and Taylor Swift.