Joy Harris: Shaping the Future of Athletes


Joy Harris teaches high school and college athletes about the business side of sports and how they might access a career in the industry. She is the co-founder of Connect Electric, the CEO of Score, the chair of the media company CMG, and hosts the podcast Inside the League.

Harris co-founded of Harris House, a media company dedicated to providing content, events, and books for people who have big dreams. Her book, Singing Ain’t Enough, tells the story of Maggie Ingram and how she achieved success in a male-dominated field while raising five children as a single mother.

Megan Meyers: From the Playing Field to the Dance Studio to Shining Online


The skillsets are the same, whether you are an NFL cheerleader or an entrepreneur who runs a virtual business. Neither requires an academic degree to be successful.

If anyone knows this, it’s Megan Meyers. While she did earn a degree through USC Berkley, she will be the first to tell you that it’s in the trenches where you learn you best lessons.

Meyers learned how to run a business at age 18 when she opened her own dance studio. She spent two seasons on the Oakland Raiders’ cheer squad, went to the Pro Bowl, and ultimately began mentoring other women and teaching them how to find their passion and thrive online.

Kiran Kumar: You Are Not Invisible Over 50


Kiran Kumar has decades of experience working in human resources, training, coaching, and counselling. At a certain point, she realized she had also become what society has deemed as the unseen – a woman over 50.

In taking a different path, Kumar sought to help women of all cultures and backgrounds shed that cloak of invisibility and change the narrative to fight against ageism.

Through courses, masterclasses, and a podcast, she is helping women regain their power, stand tall, and redefine what it means to be a woman over 50.

Frances Fomai Breaking Through Cultural Conditioning


In a way, humans are conditioned the same way we train animals. Here’s a cookie for behaving. Here’s a spanking for talking back. Here’s a gold star for raising your hand in class. Frances Fomai has written a book called “Can You Hear Me” to take ownership of traditions and behaviors that no longer serves us.

Fomai is the poster woman for breaking cultural norms. She owns a trucking dispatch company, is a partner in a logistics brokerage firm, and has a clothing line for female truckers.

Yusuf Nasir Ahmed: Disinformation and Its Threat to Democracy


Yusuf Nasir Ahmad is a digital economist from Nigeria, who specializes in digital disruption. He penned the book: Dangers of Fake News – Nigeria at the Crossroads. His mission is to educate people on how to identify disinformation, how to correct it, and the consequences when it is allowed to fester.

Ahmad is also the Chief Executive Founder of The Educated Child Tutorial Center.

Matthew Reed: Spy vs Spy in Real Life and Fiction

Matthew Reed is well versed in all things military. He served in the US Marine Corps and the US Army. Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, Reed is a former Military Intelligence NCO, Strategic Analyst, and DOD Contractor. He has expertise in hostile intelligence services, counterintelligence, and so much more.

Today, Reed writes hybrid fiction, which combines the elements of techno-thrillers, exotic romance, horror, urban fantasy, and of course, military sci-fi novels. His goal as an author is to engage his reader to think more critically with regards to national security threats from foreign influencers.

Margaret Mary O’Connor: Standing Brave Against the Catholic Church

As a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Charity Parish, Margaret O’Connor has seen some things. Things that caused this normally quiet and humble servant to speak up and chronicle the oppression of women priests. She has tried to make the Catholic Church accountable for its sins quite loudly. You can read the chronicle of her findings in her book: Scandal in the Shadows, The Original Priest, Mother Mary.

O’Connor has been anointed the title of modern-day David. Her activism holds no boundaries. She has picketed, is a member of Call to Action, Future Church, Roman Catholic Women Priests, The Women’s Ordination Conference, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, and so much more.

Kevin Cassidy: Once Upon a Time as a Hollywood Stuntman

He has appeared in some of my favorite movies. Kevin Cassidy stunted in numerous Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including Spiderman: Far From Home, Avengers Endgame, Black Panther, Captain America: Civil War, plus The Dark Knight Rises, Salt, and Sons of Anarchy. He also acted in the Sleepy Hollow television series.

Cassidy was lured away from Hollywood to teach others confidence and to learn the value of teamwork, humility, and poise with his Ninja Warrior training gym for youth. His book Falling Down to Find Myself provides a glimpse into his life as an artist and how he overcame childhood bullying and adversity.

Amber LeMay: The Larry King of Drag Queens

Amber LeMay is the co-mother/founder of Vermont’s comedy drag troupe, The House of LeMay and the host of Amber Live! Amber’s alter ego and creator Bob Bolyard spent 30 years as a drag artist performing in clubs, parties, and charitable benefits.

Along with Russell Dreher, the two created Amber Live in 2020, which streams every Sunday evening. Among her many guests, Amber has interviewed Carol Baskin (The Tiger King), Hal Sparks from Queer as Folk, and K Trevor Wilson from Letterkenny.  

Martin Keller – Space and Its Truth of UFOs and the Paranormal

Space has fascinated us for most of our lifetime. Well before the first moon landing in 1969, we have been obsessed with discovering what lies beyond the sky and if there are other life forms.

Martin Keller is in a unique position to have had access to CIA UFO briefings and other evidence, a near-death struggle, his own UFO and paranormal experiences — which makes him one of the most interesting people of this world.

His book, The Space Pen Club talks about close encounters and is endorsed by comedian, actor Dan Ackroyd.

Keller is a former pop culture journalist whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, 48 Hours, and many other media. He now runs a successful public relations firm.