Mike Oglesbee: Fight or Flight – How Fear Can Impact Our Mental Health


The National Institutes of Health estimates there are 12.5% American adults that experience a phobia.

Mike Oglesbee is a coach who helps people conquer their fear. We all have it: fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of speaking, fear of writing… Debilitating fear can cripple a person into depression and self-destruction.

Oglesbee’s Maximized Mind program comes with receipts. His system has empowered people to step into their fear, find their truth, and create a better quality of life. Besides coaching, he speaks and has appeared on ABC and several media programs, magazines, and publications.

His clients have said they are thankful beyond words, that he helped them gain clarity in every aspect of their business, helped them dramatically decrease their stress, and overcome the hurdles that were holding them back. Oglesbee is the author of two books and certified in the art of hypnotherapy.

Uzo Ometu: BlackOakTV, a Place for Black Voices to Be Heard

Uzo Ometu is the founder of BlackOakTV, a streaming service that brings underrepresented voices into the forefront. The goal of this subscription video platform is to feature more diverse content that serves Black audiences.

No stranger to streaming technology, Ometu’s prior position was with YouTube, where he helped the company partner with media agencies. He sharpened his technical digital media and marketing skills under the Google umbrella and several media companies, such as Inc. Magazine, ESPN, CBS, and Morpheus Media.

A graduate of Columbia University, Ometu’s vision for BlackOakTV is to support independent filmmakers and put creators and audiences first.

Rakshith Srinivasan: Using Science and High School Sports to Change the World


He’s in high school and he is changing the world. Rakshith Srinivasan is the founder of Unlimited Potential, which assists researchers and medical doctors to find cures and fosters innovation in prosthetics, bionics, orthopedics, and musculoskeletal research. Besides Srinivasan, the lifeblood behind Unlimited Potential is a collection of high school volunteers from across the Pacific Northwest.

Srinivasan is fundraising for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to help improve immunotherapy against cancer among the musculoskeletal system. He helps create STEM awareness inside his community, has published scientific research about muscle soreness and lateral ligament ankle injuries in basketball, and he has worked several medical internships.

But that’s not all. Srinivasan is a Washington Schools Student Athlete Ambassador and plays varsity basketball and district level track and field.

Rose Horowitz: Media, Mentors, and Moving Forward

She’s a Pulitzer-nominated journalist and producer who is a woman to follow. Rose Horowitz has reported on uncomfortable stories that expose the truth. Her series on the corruption in the U.S. Food for Peace Program earned her a Pulitzer nomination and created the groundwork for legislative change.

She was the first to expose Captain Hazelwood of Exxon Valdez’ drunk driving record. She uncovered an exclusive story about the US Merchant Marine at the start of the Gulf War.

Besides her journalism feats, she founded and hosts the Women to Follow podcast and has appeared in Forbes, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and many more. She has produced and co-host shows with high profile guests, including the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa.

Pepper Anne: Crime, Chaos, Fugitives, and Family History

Imagine looking into a family member’s story, only to discover a crime ring so big, you just had to write about it.

She’s a true crime author, but her first book focuses on a well-researched and documented piece of family history: her cousin, Bob Leach. If you didn’t know, Leach was a cattle rustler, turned con man, who was the leader of the Grayson County Five in Texas. Pepper Anne wrote The Notorious Texas Swindler about his life.

She protects her identity because there are people not too happy that she published this story, warning her to stop or attempting to steal the biography from her. Pepper Anne has worked with private investigators, which help flush her narratives with detailed excellence.

David Kitchen: Turning Down the Career of a Lifetime to Make His Own Path


He’s worked with 56 NCAA teams. David Kitchen was destined to coach a Division I football team, but he walked away to build his own business instead.

Wise beyond his years and armed with a degree focus in sports psychology, as a strength and conditioning coach, Kitchen has helped advance the careers of numerous National Football League and Canadian Football League prospects.

Kitchen’s Edge Leadership Academy helps business and sports teams turn words into action by providing them with a systematic leadership development program. His book, The Pyramid: A System for Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, is available on Amazon.

Felicia Heath: Childhood on the Run to Critical Care Medicine

Her father was a Vietnamese kingpin who married her teenage Chinese mother. Her childhood was exposed to Chinese-Vietnamese gang violence. When Felicia Heath’s father became an escaped convict and, on the lam, he took her with him.

Today, she is a critical care anesthesiologist and the mother of four. She met her husband in medical school, who she eloped with on a South African safari. With a bottle of wine, and a laptop, she isolated herself in a studio to write her book: Spirit of a Hummingbird: Memories from a Childhood on the Run.

Stephen Key: How to Turn Your Idea into a Patented Invention


Stephen Key is the cofounder of inventRight, LLC, a company that helps inventors from over 65 countries pursue their dreams of turning their idea into reality. He is also the cofounder of Inventors Group of America, whose members are a collection of leaders in inventing worldwide. He started a free high school program, called inventYES, which helps students learn to how to license their creations.

Key is well recognized as a leader in product licensing and intellectual property strategy. He’s published thousands of articles, has appeared in TIME, Fast Company, The New York Times, and more. He has five books, and the list goes on.

His receipts are many, but most importantly, he has over 20 patents in his name, dozens of concepts he has retailed in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney, plus some have been endorsed by Michael Jordan, Alex Trebek, and Taylor Swift.

Hope Firsel: Personal Crisis and How to Shift Your Mindset


Hope Firsel knows the significance of change. After agonizing attempts, it took her five years to welcome her first baby. With two children under three, she was treated for colon cancer. Years later, her marriage of 18 years dissolved.

Armed with a psychology and coaching degree and discovering she could own her power, Firsel became a guide for other women going through unexpected events. She helps them learn that their history doesn’t shape their future.

Dr Sapna Shah-Haque: Healthcare and Burnout


As internal medicine physician in Kansas, Dr. Sapna Shah-Haque knows a thing or two about burnout. It’s something she has faced more than once. Her colleagues have also experience it. Burnout can take many different forms, including suicide.

Until the mental health of medical staff can be addressed through the system, Dr. Shah-Haque set out on a journey to help physicians and healthcare professionals realize they are not alone. Her path took her to find ways to help herself, and her colleagues, reclaim their humanity while they continued to practice medicine.

She is the co-author of a book, Thriving After Burnout, and is the host of the Worthy Physician Podcast.