Navid Lancaster: Creating Emotions Through Sound and Film

He creates emotions. Navid Lancaster is the one who tells you when to cringe during a thriller movie, or when to cry. He is a film composer, sound designer, and musician who touches a global audience from his studio in Trinidad and Tobago. He has composed music for film, video games, mobile game apps, and animation. He is also a huge fan of Jimmy Hendrix and the Japanese language.

Amanda Banks: Sports to Suits, Approaching Business Like Athletics

She is the CEO of DeBanks and a new company called Sports to Suits. Amanda Banks has competed in high level gymnastics, ran a small business selling gymnastics apparel, and now helps other elite athletes transition from sports to the business world. She has secured strategic partnerships to enable her to provide education, create opportunities, and help athletes find purpose outside of sports.

Ani Duzdabanyan: Using Investigative Journalism to Create Family Legacies

Ani Duzdabanyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia where she started her investigative journalism career. One of her first assignments was exposing the violations of children’s rights in orphanages and specialized schools. Since then, she has worked in television as a reporter and anchor, and she now writes for numerous publications from her desk in California, specializing in Armenian topics. The Armenian-American Chamber of Commerce awarded her with the Women in Journalism award in 2016.

Molly McPherson: Indestructible Crisis Communications Management

When a company finds itself in hot water with a media crisis, Molly McPherson should be their first call. She is a nationally-recognized expert in crisis management. She knows how to clean up a mess and turn it into a win. McPherson came into the FEMA office of External Affairs post-Hurricane Katrina and helped the agency launch its first social media program.

Today, she is Indestructible PR, and her podcast, Confident Communications, follows through where her book, Indestructible, began by helping others reclaim control and respond with confidence in a media crisis.

Arcana Studio’s Sean O’Reilly: Bringing Storyworlds To Life

When a Canadian schoolteacher launches a comic book company that morphs into an animation studio, magic happens.

Sean Patrick O’Reilly created Arcana Comics in 2004. Who knew that he would ultimately become Canada’s largest comic and graphic novel publisher and work with the likes of Stan Lee, Gene Simmons from KISS, Mark Hamill, Bill Paxton, and Christopher Plummer, to name a few? Well, anyone who ever met the man knew.

With 5,000+ characters and over 300 titles, Arcana Studio is the mini-studio that could, that became the ultimate creative machine that did. His animated and book titles include: Kade, The Clockwork Girl, Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, Pixies, and Pandas and Aliens.

How do you get 100+ animation studio employees together during a global pandemic and still make creative magic? How much bandwidth does an animation studio need? How do you sell a script when 150 people have turned you down? These and many other questions you might have about how making animated movies work are answered here.

Dr. Nuccitelli on Cybercriminal Minds

Anyone with an Internet account is technically at risk of a cyber attack.

Dr. Michael Nuccitelli is a New York State licensed psychologist and has been researching online aggressors, or iPredators, since 2009. He is also the encyclopedic last word on all things cyberpsychology. There are 43 cyberbullying tactics that have been culled by Dr. Nuccitelli. He has also provided the general public with a host of resources to recognize and protect oneself from an iPredator.

You can find his resources here: iPredator website:

For the full interview:

Angela Legh: Using Trauma As A Catalyst for Change

As a child, California-born Angela Legh knew tragedy, uncertainty, and messy emotions. She was six when her family home burned down, then after moving from place to place, her parents divorced. Four years ago, tragedy struck her again as family’s home was destroyed once again by the Tubbs Fire.

Like a phoenix rising through the ashes, Legh used these incidents as a catalyst for change and growth. She is a development coach and the author of a children’s fairy tale series: The Bella Santini Chronicles. These books were written to help guide pre-teens through the emotions she felt as a young girl. The text acts as a tool to help children process and work through feelings of abandonment, bullying, and a host of other situations. Given that NPR cites suicide is a leading cause of death for individuals aged 10 to 24, Legh is dedicated to saving children’s lives.

Samantha Demers: Imposter Syndrome

For many years, Samantha Demers worked at the seat of power with the Government of Canada. She had her finger on the public pulse as an events coordinator, security and promotions officer, among other very cool positions. Today, she is a Sherpa for those who have trouble getting out of their own way. A host on Twitter Spaces, Demers isn’t a stranger to the things she writes about. She creates a safe space for other creators who are afraid to start, whose limiting beliefs are holding them back, and who are afraid to open themselves publicly to share what they know that others might need to hear.

Wajeeh Lion: Helping Those At Risk for Living Their Truth

His story is heartbreaking, breathtaking, and empowering. Wajeeh Amir Lion is the first openly gay man from Saudi Arabia to obtain political asylum in the United States.

Once his parents confirmed he was gay, they took away all of Lion’s freedoms, and he was under direct threat of the Saudi government. He sought help from his alma mater, Kansas City University, where the head of LGBTQ services ushered him to safety and found him legal help.

Because homosexuality is illegal in his Saudi Arabia homeland, Lion was granted asylum in 2018. He has since been committed to international advocacy for human rights, anti-violence, and LGBTQ rights.

You can find Lion hosting regular Twitter Spaces where he champions discussions to bring people together. He is living proof that not all superheroes wear capes.

Madalyn Sklar: The A-Side of A Digital Setlist

She’s one of Twitter’s most recognizable frontwomen. If you are not following Madalyn Sklar, it’s not too late. She is one of the most giving, and successful digital marketers you will ever meet. A sift through just a few of her tweets will make your Twitter space smarter by at least 20%.

While Sklar knows how to riff a tweet, she is also a champion of indie music artists. Her GoGirls Music has empowered numerous musicians with a community that embraces and helps them grow and get better gigs.

A music coach, social media consultant and strategist, founder of the GoGirls Music Fest, Invasion of the GoGirls, and TwitterSmarter, the Huffington Post has named Sklar as one of 50 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow. She is also ranked as the number one Social Media Power Influencer in Houston, Texas.