Ryan Walter on Transitioning from the National Hockey League to Leadership Coaching

He played over 1,100 games in the National Hockey League. In his second professional season, he was made captain of the Washington Capitals. He broke his ankle in 1986, missing the balance of the regular season, yet returned in the playoffs to anchor the Montreal Canadiens to their 23rd Stanley Cup.

Ryan Walter’s hockey resume is long and storied. He was drafted second overall in the 1978 NHL Entry Draft by Washington, played out the bulk of his career in Montreal, then retired in Vancouver. An All Star, Man of the Year, players’ association president, Walter also played and coached with Hockey Canada. Today he is a leadership development coach, alongside his wife, Jenny.

Jennifer Buchanan, Using Music to Heal the Masses

Imagine being able to improve your breathing, lower your blood pressure, improve your heart health, and relax muscle tension just by listening and singing along with your favorite tune.

Jennifer Buchanan was 14 years old when she discovered the healing powers of music. She witnessed it transform her hospitalized grandfather. Of course, there is also a science behind music therapy, too.

Buchanan has spent 30 years working with people of all ages, from individuals, non-profit organizations, corporations, to prisons. She has authored two books: Tune In and Wellness Incorporated. Today, her services are even more in demand as music is used to rebuild those disconnected from the pandemic.

She is the Executive Director (and past President) of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists. Her new book, Wellness, Well Played: The Power of a Playlist launches October 10, 2021 on World Mental Health Day.

Kim Zayotti, CEO & Founder, Blue Sky Sports & Entertainment on Pro Sports Representation

She’s worked with some of the biggest names in sports and business. Her firm, Blue Sky Sports & Entertainment, is the only woman-owned company to represent National Hockey League coaches and team executives. She was the youngest member of (Bob) Woolf Associates before founding her own agency in 2003.

Kim Zayotti, the woman who created Flutie Flakes, is the go-to person for endorsements, media representation, event planning, and more. Her client list is long and storied. She has worked with Cam Neely, Carlton Fisk, Dennis Eckersley, Doug Flutie, Carl Lewis, Brad Marchand, and many more. Her key staff members are gifted multi-taskers, in other words, female.





Tonya McKenzie on Public Relations, Athletes, Mistakes, and How to Get Out of a PR Crisis

Tonya McKenzie is a leader in the public relations field and the host of a very popular and must-have Twitter Spaces called #PRLunchHour. She is the owner of the PR and leadership consulting firm Sand & Shores; Vice President of the Black PR Society, sits on the Police Engagement Board, and is the Los Angeles County Commissioner of Human Resources. She has two podcasts, is an author and co-author.





Tahiera Monique Brown on Using Darkness to Light and Inspire

Tahiera Monique Brown is living proof that your past does not define you. You are not who others say you are. You are more. You are special.

Brown is one of the most inspiring women you will ever meet. Her story reads like a thriller movie. Her first book, Annihilator of Innocence, describes the darkness of her past and how she has blossomed into a force for good. She helps others relearn how to live a quality life after facing tragic circumstances. Brown has also authored Hunger Pains In Our Heads, and is the president and CEO of Darkness to Light Films.

Here is an article written by Roy S. Johnson, which describes more of Tahiera’s backstory:






Audley Stephenson On How a Basketball Court Leads To Living a Bold Life


Audley Stephenson, aka The Audman, among his highlighted resume, spent five years of podcasting in the National Basketball Association with his show: The Breakdown with Dave and Audley. Today, he is the deputy commissioner of basketball operations for the National Basketball League of Canada. His podcast, The Audacious Living Podcast, features business, media, sports, and entertainment figures. He is a professional speaker and a fellow Canadian. 



Jim Barker On Life in Pro Football and Transitioning to Broadcasting

He’s won four Grey Cups and the only XFL championship. Jim Barker has had a storied football career as a coach and administrator. Joining the Canadian Football League in 1996, Barker became the youngest head coach in 1999 when he replaced the legendary Hall of Famer, Don Matthews in Toronto. Barker was the CFL Coach of the Year in 2010. Today, he is a CFL analyst for TSN.


Tonya Scholz on Bridging Technology and Community

Tonya Scholz is a true influencer. Founder of kNOw-AGING, Inc. and SocialChats, she also leads the Association of Women in Communication, South Florida. A technology junkie, Tonya is an early adopter of livestream. She also has an incredible story that has led her to where she is today.

She was eight years old when she was hastily loaded up with her family into a military plane, the last one to leave Vietnam at the end of America’s involvement in the war.

Her path took her to becoming a life extensionist. She used social media for good and became a technology geek, trying out platforms, and ultimately becoming an influencer, whose advice companies respect.





The Tweeting Goddess Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly is known as The Tweeting Goddess (@tweetinggoddess). Her story is documented in a TedX talk: How Twitter Transformed My Life in 140 Characters. She happened upon a business when a need presented itself and there wasn’t a product to access.

In her interview with Debbie Elicksen, she details how her life transformed and how she helps others provide value online to help their businesses.

Samantha Kelly

Thirteen years sober, Samantha Kelly shares how being human and helping others has transformed her life.


Twitter: @tweetinggoddess

TEDx: How Twitter Transformed My Life in 140 Characters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K40PG…