Tahmina Watson: Using the Law to Fight Oppression

After the 2016 federal election, Tahmina Watson helped create, and currently chairs, the Response Committee of the Washington Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She is an immigration attorney at Watson Immigration Law in Seattle, Washington who has helped hundreds of families work and live in the United States.

She is a columnist with a national legal publication, a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, author, podcaster, activist, and passionate advocate for immigration reform.

Watson serves on boards, provides free legal advice at local clinics, and advocates for South Asian battered women. She hosts two podcasts: Tahmina Talks Immigration and The Startup Visa.

Amanda Penny: Bootstrapping A Journalism Career

She’s a digital native who started her first social media account at 12 years old. Six years later, Amanda Penny has found her niche in podcasting with her show Amanda’s World. Let’s just say, she’s killing it. She has essentially begun her journalism career by creating her own media. Even BuzzFeed, MTV, Barstool Sports, and Young Hollywood have taken notice. Penny started her show, while in high school, in January 2021. She shows no signs of slowing down.

Jody Fisher: Both Sides of the Media Desk

Jody Fisher has been on both sides of a reporter’s notepad. In the biggest media market in the world, he worked as a former radio broadcast journalist before embarking on his current position as a public relations professional of over 20 years. He’s even picked up a bass guitar from time to time when he’s not collecting Star Wars memorabilia. He hosts the PR Podcast every week.

Tamika Sims: Entrepreneurship Is Not Easy

Tamika Sims is one of those people you will gravitate to and call a friend after spending just one email with her. Her positive spirit is contagious, and her courage is consequential. As an entrepreneur, she has seen it all and then some. Her story is the backdrop of her new book: Ink Pen Diva: The Truth Behind My Pen. She takes her story out of hiding and shares it so fellow entrepreneurs will not feel alone.

She is an executive assistant at J Haleem, LLC, a guest you met here on this broadcast in 2021. Tamika is also a book coach who has helped over 200 people tell their stories worldwide.

DC Glenn: The Hip Hop Artist With the Legendary Song

You know the song and sang it more than once. What you may or may not know is Platinum artist Cecil DC Glenn cowrote it with his Tag Team rap duo partner, Steve Gibson. “Whoomp There It Is” was released as a single in 1993 and topped the Billboard R & B chart.

DC is also an actor, writer, and voiceover artist. The legendary duo and song were featured in the number one ad of 2021: Geico’s “Scoop! There It Is.” His famous song was sound-tracked on numerous shows, including South Park, Elf, My Name Is Earl, Addams Family Values, and more. The hip hop duo Tag Team still performs live.

Olin Simplis: The Guard Whisperer

They call him the Guard Whisperer. Olin Simplis is the man who stands behind every great basketball player and helps them excel. His player-first attitude about training is what makes him who he is.

Olin began his basketball journey in Los Angeles and was looked upon as one of the top guards in the area. While his playing career didn’t materialize, he found a niche with training. More than just a basketball trainer, Olin is a mentor, leader, and a passionate advocate of girls and women’s basketball. He trained numerous athletes in the NBA, WNBA, and NCAA, and worked with Jalen Duden, Isaiah Mobley, Orlando Robinson, Yi Jianlian, among many others.

Marcus Goodie Goodloe: How To Be A Kingmaker

Marcus “Goodie” Goodloe is a Martin Luther King Scholar who mentors students, educators, law enforcement, and people of all walks of life on life issues. He leads them through cultural and interpersonal relationships, leadership, character formation, and so much more.

He serves as a church elder and active volunteer in the Los Angeles community. Goodie works with law enforcement and community activists to foster better understanding and education on fairness and justice and cooperative policing. The Dallas Baptist University’s Marcus Goodie Goodloe Scholarship is awarded to students who exemplify the life of a Kingmaker, set by the example of Martin Luther King Jr.

Goodie Goodloe is also the author of the book, “KingMaker: Applying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Leadership Lessons in Working with Athletes and Entertainers.”

Brenden Kumarasamy: Mastering the Art of Communications

Brenden Kumarasamy was afraid of communication well into his teen years. He trained himself to master the fear and compete like an athlete does in high level sports. Today, he is the founder of MasterTalk, a coaching business he started to help ambitious executives and business owners become great communicators in their industries. He has created a plethora of free content to help others improve their skills through his YouTube channel.

Mark V. Smith: The Process of Growing a Better Human

Mark V. Smith specializes in empowering individuals in the creation of personal clarity and teaches them how to formulate their path through the slings and arrows life throws at us.

An Ohio State Buckeye Alumni, Smith has worked people who have chosen many lanes, including those in a juvenile detention center, high school and college football, and high-end executives. Smith is Vice President of Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association) and former Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment facilitator for the Department of Labor. He currently serves as a trainer at the Center for Urban Families in Baltimore and with his podcast The Process, he has helped many choose a better path to grow.

Nicole Odom-Hardnett: Shedding the Stigma of Addiction

Addiction is a taboo topic but one that needs more light shed on it. Recent worldwide statistics show that 5.5% of the population aged 15 to 64 have used illicit drugs at least once in the past year. Drug abuse is highest among those who are 18 to 25. She is the CEO of Focus Point Solutions, which operates four Focus Point Behavioral Health clinics in the Baltimore area. Nicole Odom-Hardnett works with individuals who struggle with substance abuse. She sheds awareness to destigmatize addiction, anxiety, depression, and other diagnoses that are too often ignored. She also specializes in working with blended family dynamics. Nicole has written and published three books on dating and blended families.